GWENT public beta is launching on May 24th

Public beta of GWENT is coming on May 24th.

Public beta of GWENT -the Witcher card game- is coming on May 24th. Public beta includes many great and new features.

New Tutorial

Challenges is a new game mode which will ease you into the basics of GWENT, help you improve your skills, and discover how certain cards work together to create combos. Completing each challenge unlocks a variety rewards, including all faction leaders.

New Starter Decks

Starter decks for all factions have been significantly upgraded — each contains 4 gold and 6 silver cards for additional tactical possibilities!

New Cards & Animated Versions

Every card now has its own animated version and there’s also a new way to craft them — Meteorite Powder. You can learn more about it here.

Faction Leaders Enter the Battlefield

All faction leaders have brand new abilities. What’s more, every leader is now a playable card which enters the battlefield before their ability is triggered.

Northern Realms Revamp

Northern Realms sport a brand new and exclusive faction ability — Armor. When activated, armor shields friendly units from incoming damage. Additionally, most of the units in Northern Realms have had their abilities reworked to give the faction a brand new feel.

Changes to Weather Effects

Instead of instantly reducing the strength of affected units, weather is now a damage over time effect. Units affected by weather lose points of strength every turn and will be removed from the board if weather is not cleared in time.


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