Ridley Scott and Asif Kapadia to Adapt Sapiens

Sapiens, the awesome book of Harari is coming to TV.

Credit: Yuval Noah Harari

Are you a big fan of Yuval Noah Harari and his masterpiece Sapiens? Then you’ll be really happy when you hear it will be adapted to TV by two great guy: Ridley Scott and Asif Kapadia.

World-famous author Yuval Noah Harari shared the news from his official Facebook page with a link to Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive news. “Excited to announce that Sapiens will be adapted for the screen by some of the best storytellers in the film industry!” said the great author on his page.

Due to excessive amount of stuff to tell and shoot about the history of humanity and the book itself, the series will have an open-ending format as reported.

We’re really excited about the big news and looking forward to hear more details.

Are you excited as well?

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