Spotify will recommend better songs with AI support

Spotify acquires Niland for better recommendations.

Spotify made an announcement regarding the company acquired Niland, a Paris-based machine learning startup in order to enhance its recommendations based on AI.

Company emphasized that Niland has changed the game for how AI technology can optimize music search and recommendation capabilities and shares Spotify’s passion for surfacing the right content to the right user at the right time.

The team from Niland will join Spotify’s New York office and help Spotify continue innovating and improving the recommendation and personalization technologies resulting in more music discovery which benefits both fans and artists.

Following statement came from Niland:

“We’ve achieved our vision of enabling computers to listen to music in a human way. Understanding the music content itself was the missing link to developing more sophisticated listening experiences. The best part of our journey was hearing from our clients how they were using Niland API to create innovative products that help musicians cut through noise. We are very happy to pursue this vision within Spotify.”

Niland’s innovative approach to AI and machine learning based recommendation systems seems a perfect fit for the Spotify team. It also has benefits for users and is important for online music streaming industry.

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