YouTube unveils its first own-brand typeface

YouTube Sans: A new voice for YouTube.

YouTube and Saffron have created YouTube Sans, the first font that the brand can call its own. It officially makes its debut in their newest product, YouTube TV. The type concept was conceived and designed working in partnership with Letterjuice in Barcelona and URW++ in Hamburg.

The typeface developed in collaboration with YouTube’s UX team, is designed to be used in both product and marketing communications to express a uniquely YouTube aesthetic.

One of the first tasks was to redraw the ‘Play Button’ to make sure its curves and angles were perfect. Then Saffron turned it into a glyph. The icon is now part of YouTube Sans. It can be typed just like a letter or symbol.

Saffron and YouTube developed a font that combines the vibrant, user-friendly world of YouTube with the bold, freewheeling world of cinema and entertainment. YouTube Sans is the only visual asset that links every touch point of YouTube TV.

According to Saffron, it will bring brand recognition to a wide variety of digital and non-digital environments. It is slightly quirky and expressive, but also simple and bold, just like the platform it calls home. The font family includes light, medium, and bold weights to offer a broad range of uses in and out of product.

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